Happy 80’s!

A special anniversary, a surprise party for the world’s most loved grandfather ♥

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Our team wanted to recreate a world of memories, of life stories, of passions of a special man, husband, father, father in law and exceptional grandfather.

And since he reads a lot, writes, listens to music, loves poetry and even recites with passion and, last but not least, has a well known sweet tooth, Sabin was treated to a lovely dessert bar. Music notes and letters accompanied every cake: biscuits, vanilla cupcakes, gianduja and chocolate cakes, raspberry cake, wonderfully sweet marvels were served alongside a cup of champagne.

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The big display of dear memories, secretly gathered by the entire family, brought a smile on Sabin’s face, and the initial dismay turned to delight. When his eyes discreetly filled with tears when discovering some long forgotten pictures, we had the confirmation that we managed to organize a dream party, a party with heart, for the heart. Happy birthday, Sabin! Happy 80!

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Happy birthday!


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